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DJ in the Mix

So you are planning a function; be it a Wedding, Birthday or Corporate function and you are going to need music to be played on the day. You have searched High and Low to find professional companies that offer such services and now you have finally...

Category: Entertainment

Zimfest is the worlds biggest global festival celebrating Zimbabwe!

Category: Entertainment
TownTube - Search For Local Video Clips

Search for local video clips connecting people, schools, parties, promotional adverts etc..

Category: Entertainment
Why Ed

The poster child for Snor City, where we bring you the latest entertainment news, girls, humor, music and our dysfunctional take on topics around the world. Your daily dose of awesomeness.

Category: Entertainment
VKP (Vijana Kwa Pulpit)

VKP (Vijana Kwa Pulpit) is a fast rising urban gospel group from Kenya, made up of brothers Fatha Lody, Walman and Trigga. The three make up probably one of the best gospel outreach and entertainment groups from Africa in these times. Since they started...

Category: Entertainment

DK EXPRESSIONS® publishes content of all the biggest, most exciting and interesting events, gadgets, sports, and more happening in South Africa & the World that we can find!

Category: Entertainment
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