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Health and Beauty

Cayenne Spa

The Cayenne Spa may be the hottest spa in Cape Town, but it is also the most tranquil place to completely unwind. Boasting a sauna, heated pool and four treatment rooms, it also has a fully equipped gym, where you can exercise with the most inspiring...

Semelia Fat Burner

Lose weight and feel great with semelia fat burner, it is 1005 natural and allows you to lose weight while you sleep so there is no need for special diets or exercise.

Dr Baba Kibombo Spellcaster | Herbal shop

I am a clairvoyant spellcaster and Sangoma with a herbal shop, I mend bad relationships, cast spells, perform hexes, vodou, blackmagic, palm reading, etc.

Traditional Handmade Soaps

Our moisturizing, traditional soaps are natural, handmade, hand cut, 100% vegetable bars made largely from olive oil.

Lamberti Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist in Sandton – Lamberton Physiotherapy offers to treat sports injuries, post surgery conditions, and other health issues.

Drug Rehab & Drug Rehabilitation Centres South Africa

Hr7 provide faith based drug and alcohol Rehabilitation Centres across South Africa. The rehab programs at Hr7 are run by dedicated and supportive staff.

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